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If you are a manager, executive, or an especially knowledgeable employee who works outside the United States for a company that has an affiliated entity inside the United States and you would like to come to the United States in order to perform services for that entity, then you may be eligible for  L-1 intracompany transferee visa.

The L-1 visa is a dual intent visa, which means that you may stay in the United States for the duration of your employment or if you continue working for the affiliated entity and wish to stay in the United States, you may be eligible to apply for a green card.

Basic Requirements.

The new office must be a parent, affiliate, subsidiary or branch of the foreign entity, and,  both the United States office and the foreign entity must continue to share common ownership.  The employee must have worked outside the United States for at least one year in the last three years immediately preceding his or her admission to the United States.  


The employee may be accompanied or followed by his or her spouse and unmarried children who are under 21 years of age.  Such family members may seek admission in L-2 nonimmigrant classification and, if approved, generally will be granted the same period of stay as the employee. 

Length of Stay.

Employees arriving to establish a new office will be allowed to stay for a period of one year.  Employees arriving for all other purposes will be allowed to stay for a period of three years. 

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